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How effective management is the key to building a successful life

Management is more than a skill or a by-product of a job function. It is the key to success. Ever wondered why some people are successful and why some people aren’t? Or why the same set of people keep excelling. There is no need to wonder the answer is management. Effective management, to be precise…. Continue Reading →

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Our Most Valuable Gift: How to master it through the power of management.

Before we begin, let’s start by asking a question that will identify what is our most valuable gift?” I’ll give you a hint. The answer is simple, and it’s the one thing that every human being has universally. And depending on how we use it, it affects our future. If you haven’t figured it out… Continue Reading →

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Why Living A Balance Life Is Blocking You From Living A Successful One.

Balance is said to be the key to life. Or the key to everything. Everything except a life of success. Why is that, you may wonder? Because most people live their lives trying to find balance or maintain the balance of their everyday life while not focusing on anything specific. And this is why most… Continue Reading →

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Four Strategies that guarantee success in life that you need to know.

Everyone desires to be successful in life. How do I know this? Because nobody likes to fail. And why is that? Because our creator, God the Father, designed us to be successful in every aspect of our mortal lives. In other words, we exist to succeed. This is the equivalent of a manufacturer producing a… Continue Reading →

3 Effective ways to increase your Bottom line by increasing your value.

Let’s start with an undeniable truth. Everyone desires more money—even business owners. The more profits the company makes, the better it is for the owner. The same principle applies to you and me. The more money we earn, the more comfortable our lives can be. increasing your bottom line is the icing on the cake… Continue Reading →

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Be A Better You In 2021 With These 8 Powerful Habits.

Becoming a better you is the key to re-shaping your future. When you change your mindset, you change your life. But to change your mindset, you have to re-program your mind. And to do this, you must undergo mental transformation. Mental transformation is the incubator that is responsible for creating a new you. And the… Continue Reading →

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Do Black Lives Really Matter??

Do black lives really matter? A question we, people of color, should ask ourselves in depth. Following recent events of unjustified murders of Negroes by law enforcement and citizens with the right to bear arms. The “black lives matter” hashtag was forged. In light of the repeated offenses, the hashtag transformed into a movement of… Continue Reading →

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This article is intended for men, especially. Ladies, please take notes and share this blog with your significant male counterparts and with your male family members. What is manhood? A question haunting the minds of males young and old of the 21st Century.My hope is that every male reading this article would have a new understanding of manhood and… Continue Reading →

You were born to Dominate

Hi! I want to virtually talk to you, or at least the real you. The you that desire power. I know that’s a bold statement to make, but trust me, you desire power. Power over your life, finances, time, and power over death. You desire power and control over your day.  You desire the ability… Continue Reading →

Repairing Our Broken Society.

Repairing our broken society may seem like an impossible mission, given the fact that we as a society have so many ailments. Ailments such as the rise of violence and crime, Gender Role distortion, Family structure Decay, Loss of Values, No sense of purpose, and a Lack of Spiritual Guidance, all nipping away at the… Continue Reading →


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