Green-lite Dojo is a Motivational platform that inspires personal growth and leadership. We also sell fashionable motivational apparel that influence mindset elevation, self-affirmation and growth.


Our Mission

To awaken the spirit of growth and leadership inherent in all mankind, through mental transformation, self-empowerment, and godly inspiration. Green-lite Dojo is committed to growth and restoration of purpose.

Our Vision

To inspire the next generation and redirect the course of their future.

Our Purpose

To produce and release positive media that will not only motivate individuals but transform them into passionate, purpose-driven agents of empowerment.

8 Essential Laws That Will Guarantee Future Success

Let’s begin with a question. What is success? Of course, the answer to this question will vary from person to person and differ among corporate groups, households, and religious organizations. But whatever your definition of success is, it boils down to one definition, “Success is the accomplishment or acquisition of an intended goal.” Dario M.…

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The Secret Power of Discipline and Why it’s the key to Progress.

The key to accomplishing any goal, whether personal or collective, long-term or short-term, is through the power of discipline. Discipline is the key to progress. It is the secret sauce to success. And what makes winners champions. Discipline is more than just sticking to a set of rules or practices. Discipline is a commitment to…

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