3: Pointers On How To Increase Your Value And Change Your Life Now!

First, let me begin by congratulating you on finding this blog. As you continue to read this article, I want you to know that you have taken a vital step in changing your life. With that aside, let’s dive into our topic. The subject matter of increasing value boils down to one compound word: self-improvement. Self-improvement is the process of making adjustments that will improve the quality of one’s life and well-being. In a metaphorical sense, self-improvement is like renovating a building and enhancing its appearance, structure, and value. Fundamentally, self-improvement is reinventing oneself, which increases an individual’s overall value and life experiences. Anyone who desires a better life must commit to the process of self-improvement. With that said, here are three pointers on how to increase your value and change your life now!

Time is one of the most essential commodities that we have as human beings. It is a limited gift. There is no do-over or reset button. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Time is irreversible and continuous; it cannot be controlled or stopped, only measured. This is why you need to take full advantage of your time and use it wisely. We each get twenty-four hours a day, and how you spend your time will show up in your life. This critical fact is vital to understanding the value of time. Time is the prognosticator of the future. Whatever you give your time to breathes life into the future you.

For example. If you spend time reading cookbooks or watching cooking shows, you will become a cook. The same applies if you spend time watching or reading erotica material or keeping company with people who share that mentality. You will become lewd in your thinking, behavior, and mannerisms due to your temporal investment.

Time shouldn’t be taken for granted or wasted on meaningless things that don’t contribute to your growth and self-development. Therefore, whatever you spend time on should help you grow or lead you to your dreams.

Understanding the value of time changes your life and adds value by repurposing time spent on time-wasters to productive activities. When you invest time in building yourself, you become an asset and your current value doubles automatically. Thus opening doors to new opportunities.

The secret power of education comes from its true purpose: development. Education isn’t about getting a degree, passing systematic tests, or a high GPA. It’s about getting the correct information that will prepare you and propel you for success. This is not a dismissal of formal education or a belittling of it. A formal education will open doors and shorten learning curves, but it doesn’t guarantee success.

For example. How many people go to college, finish their studies, graduate, and, after receiving their diploma, they hit a dead end? Some college graduates end up with a well-paying position job, while others find themselves aimlessly wondering.

Now, I want you to think about how many celebrities you know who didn’t finish school and are thriving. Some of the most influential celebrities didn’t finish or do well in school, but look at their lives.

Some may attribute most celebrity successes to simply just talent and abilities. However, I would remind you that we all have talents and abilities given to us by our creator. God the Father. This is why we need the correct information to educate us on how to operate effectively in our area of calling.

Most people see academic achievements as the pinnacle of success and therefore believe the more accolades they have or don’t have determines their value. This way of thinking diminishes your potential to succeed by placing more value on a diploma than your gifts. Your true measure to be successful comes from your gifts, not your education. A good education is essential, but learning about your gifts brings value—the value of self-awareness and growth- the keys to opening doors to possibilities you never imagined. 

The best way to learn about your gifts is to get the right education about you. The educational system will give you a formal education, but they can’t teach you how to be you. You can only learn to be you from God.

Tip #3. The Mental Benefits of Exercising.

Exercise is essential for our health, longevity, and overall well-being. But did you know that exercise is also beneficial for our minds?

Exercising heals the mind of negative energy, emotions, and thoughts. If you don’t think so? I dare you to complete 1 set of 10 pushups while angry or thinking negatively. Only one of two things will occur. Either you will give up halfway through the exercise or skip it because your mind isn’t there. You can’t do exercises with negative energy because exercising requires focus and mental toughness. AKA (belief in yourself). The physical activity of exercising causes you to defuse negative emotions from your mind. Even the sting of what you were initially upset about fades away. Exercising diminishes negativity; this is why the self-confidence boost you gain after a workout is so great.

The psychological effects of exercising on our minds boost our confidence and self-esteem, as endorphins infuse us with positive energy. Seeing our bodies change positively makes us feel good about ourselves. The benefits of exercising also add an extra layer of confidence-boosting as people give compliments about our commitment to changing our bodies. Another advantage of exercising is that It increases our attractiveness and affects our dating life. The healthier you appear, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. Although it may seem superficial, many gym-goers are not there for health reasons only. Most gym-goers go to the gym to look good and to stay looking good. This is why fit individuals are highly sought after as romantic partners. Looking more attractive can also open the doors to career opportunities.

Exercising increases your stock through the benefits of a longer life, increasing attractiveness, and, most importantly, the feeling of happiness from becoming a better, confident you.

You don’t have to be a gym rat, a fitness enthusiast, or the Hulk to experience the benefits of exercising. Even a moderate amount of physical activity can boost your self-confidence, increase your mood, and help you look good.

Improving your life means committing to becoming a better you. And the only way you can be a better you is to add value to your life by investing in yourself. When you use your time more wisely, get the proper education, and care for your mind and body, you are planting seeds of change in your personal life. When the seeds grow, they produce a harvest of value, thus changing your life and increasing your worth. If you want things to get better, you have to become better.

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