Like many, Green-lite Dojo started as a hobby, but over time it developed into a mission, a passion, a labor of love, and finally, a symbol of motivation and empowerment.

Initially, Green-lite Dojo was set to be a blog to empower its readers through the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the theme of empowerment, Green-lite Dojo began laying bricks of self-development and leadership, which developed into a platform of motivation. 

 As our platform grew, Green-lite Dojo became a symbol of motivation and empowerment, spawning a subsidiary called Green-lite Dojo Motivational Gifts and Brand Store. The purpose of The Brand Store would be the same as the leading Green-lite Dojo motivational brand, with the added variation of delivering positive messages into people’s minds via casual clothing with custom-designed motivational imagery to encourage mental elevation. Our journey continues, and this is still only the beginning. 

Our Identity

Green-lite Dojo is a motivational platform of growth and leadership dedicated to transforming minds and reprogramming generations.

Green-lite Dojo is based on biblical principles, and all content is dedicated to self-empowerment, leadership development, self-management, inspiration, and thought-provoking discussions focused on the purpose of unlocking your full potential.

Green-lite Dojo was created with the intent of being a guiding light for the next generation as our young people are more so than ever in need of leadership and direction. Additionally, Green-lite Dojo also serves as an agency of change to transform, motivate and inspire all mankind to be who they were created to be by God the Father.



To awaken the spirit of growth and leadership inherent in all mankind, through mental transformation, self-empowerment, and godly inspiration. Green-lite Dojo is committed to growth and restoration of purpose.


To inspire the next generation and redirect the course of their future.


To produce and release positive media that will not only motivate individuals but transform them into passionate, purpose-driven agents of empowerment.

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