The Secret Power of Discipline and Why it’s the key to Progress.

The key to accomplishing any goal, whether personal or collective, long-term or short-term, is through the power of discipline.

Discipline is the key to progress. It is the secret sauce to success. And what makes winners champions. Discipline is more than just sticking to a set of rules or practices. Discipline is a commitment to the process that leads to the desired goal.

If you want to initiate growth in your life and achieve your goals, you have to become disciplined.


What is discipline?

Discipline is a combination of self-control and endurance. It’s the ability to persist and stay focused on a goal or a task despite the challenges faced. Discipline also calls for sacrifices to be made for a goal to be accomplished.

“Discipline is defined as self-imposed standards for the sake of a higher goal.”

Myles Munroe

Discipline is inner strength and a deep commitment to seeing the process all the way through to the end. It’s the power not to give up. The will to keep fighting for what you truly want versus what you want, right now. It’s saying “No” to excuses and having the fortitude to keep going regardless of the road ahead.

It is not easy to be disciplined. It takes a lot of perseverance, hard work, and will. But when you get the hang of it, you will reap its benefits.

Benefits of discipline

Discipline is the building block of achieving your goals or dreams. It links things hope for with reality. The benefit of being disciplined is that it builds character and careers. It transforms ordinary people into extraordinary individuals and turns a hobby into a skill.

Another benefit of discipline is self-control. Nothing builds your ability to be self-controlled like discipline. Self-control is a byproduct of discipline, which builds endurance. Endurance plus self-control equates to power over procrastination and lazy feelings. As a bonus, discipline builds trust. People trust disciplined individuals because they can be trusted to do the right thing, make the right decisions, and act consistently.

The benefits of living a disciplined life awaken the secret power of discipline.

The Secret Power of Discipline

The power of discipline lies in the growth, development, and creative force that takes place after the maturation period. The maturation period is the same metamorphosis process that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly. Nothing is more incredible than witnessing or becoming a living testament to the results of being disciplined. This secret power of discipline is the key to progress.

But the question is why?

Why is discipline the key to progress?

The short answer is discipline regulates growth.

Discipline is the narrow road that leads to your goals and to the life that you desire. It helps an individual to manage and stay focused. It gives you the power to say no to distractions. And it helps you to stay fixed on the intended goal.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

Jim Rohn

There has never been any accomplishment, goal, or dream realized without discipline. Discipline is the key to progress and the key to achievement.


Discipline is the most essential component of progress and success. If you want to achieve your goals and grow in life, you must be disciplined. Otherwise, your dreams, desires, and goals will remain unattainable and locked behind wishes, never to manifest.

It cannot be stressed enough. There is no level of success without the smallest practice of discipline. Discipline is so vital that it is more important than motivation. Although motivation is also important, it will only take you to the starting line. Discipline will carry you across the finishing line.

To get a clearer understanding of the importance of discipline. Think of discipline as the oven, progress as the cake, and your goals, dreams, and desires as the batter. The cake can’t bake until the batter goes into the oven.

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