The Secret of obtaining Wealth through Vision & Innovation

On the top of most people’s wishlist, being rich or having the ability to afford anything your heart’s desire would most likely be number one on that list or at least be in the top three. After all, who wouldn’t want to live a financially free life? Financial freedom is the most sought after financial status in basically every human being’s life.

All things considered, obtaining wealth is not as easy as making a wish, or is it? There is a simple secret about acquiring wealth, the average Joe seeking financial freedom has either overlooked or ignored.

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Let’s talk innovation!

Innovation is the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage.” Unknown

There are many significant definitions of this simple yet powerful word, we call Innovation. In a literal sense, the word Innovation means to make the invisible visible. Its the process of removing an idea from its mental plane to our physical world.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Innovation is the most straightforward and direct path to obtaining wealth.

Innovation is responsible for transforming the lives of ordinary people such as Bill Gates(Microsoft Computers), Steve Jobs(Apple), and Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) to prominent figures, deemed as innovators of the 21st century.

I hope the picture is getting clearer because the answer is as simple as e=mc2. Innovative-ideas equals money.

The key to innovation and the payday you are dreaming about is not looking for new things, but rather, it’s the ability to look at old things in a new way. This is called the spirit of innovation, and everyone has it.

Despite the common belief that only a few random people or particular individuals have this unique ability to produce innovative-ideas, I will bear the burden of proof and prove that every human being has the spirit of innovation.

To prove the point that you have the spirit of innovation, we have to seek evidence in the bible.

Exhibit A

It is recorded, when the creator (God the Father) created man(Adam), he made him in his own likeness as well as blew into his nostrils the breath of life, which is his spirit.

You may be wondering to yourself, why is that bit of information important?

Here’s why.

Exhibit B

God the Father took nothing and created a universe, he took a formless void and made it a home for over 7billion people.

Let the record reflect, that God the Father is the greatest innovator of all times. We have the spirit of innovation because God the Father gave us the same spirit and nature he has. Exhibits A and B validate this truth.

With that said, let’s tackle another question.

How to tap into your spirit of innovation?

The answer is very simple, vision.

What is Vision?

Vision is the ability to see the future or see future possibilities.

Example-1.When a person without vision looks at a sheep they see an animal or source of food. When a person with vision looks at a sheep, they see a suit or a blanket.

Example-2.When a person without vision looks at a tree, they see shade or food. When a person with vision looks at a tree, they see a table and/ or a chair.

To tap into your spirit of innovation, you have to open your mind’s eye and see beyond what’s in front of you.

The secret to obtaining wealth is a three-step process.

  1. Open your mind to possibilities and see futuristically
  2. Bring your vision/Ideas to life. (Innovation)
  3. After you bring your vision to life, start a business. Then specialize, this is where obtaining wealth comes in.

The completed process should like this.

Eg1.When a person with vision looks at a sheep, they see a suit or a blanket. After acting upon their vision, they open a clothing store or a bedding store.

Eg2. When a person with vision looks at a tree, they see a table and/ or a chair. Then acting upon their vision, they open a furniture store or go into carpentry.

The solution to all of your problems, and the secret to you obtaining wealth is between your ears. Stop depending on a job to make you wealthy, stop dreaming about winning the lottery, and control your future by tapping into your spirit of innovation.

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11 responses to “The Secret of obtaining Wealth through Vision & Innovation”

  1. Good read Rio.

  2. Well said bro…This is a good read.

  3. Andrew Knowles Avatar

    Positive Rio through H.I.M all things,with programming they have most of us as workers no time for a vision just focused on that paycheck, u doing work though all it takes is unity

  4. Knowledge is power!!Awesome Read Bro✊

  5. alexis bonaby Avatar

    Awesome read D!!!!!!! Loved it

  6. Very good read Dario 😊

  7. True….a visionary innovative persons are often mis understood because usually his or her ideas are beyond his or her time…it usually requires one to work alone and produce..

    After the manifestation of such ideas…people understand and sing your praises..

    It’s also best sometimes to keep those iseas close as those without innovation and vision can destroy it…

    1. Wow, I agree. Everything start with a vision..

  8. In order to be successful one need vision. The Bible said where there is no vision the people perish.
    Very good read Cuz.

  9. I like the blog. Great stuff.

  10. Christopher Smith Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    Vision and Innovation sounds like a recipe for success. I really appreciate this dynamic formula. It’s practical but yet realistic in its approach and application. ANY ONE with a willing heart and mind to want to achieve could navigate through these principles. Thanks for sharing and the excellent examples brought it home with clarity.

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