3 Effective ways to increase your Bottom line by increasing your value.

Let’s start with an undeniable truth. Everyone desires more money—even business owners. The more profits the company makes, the better it is for the owner. The same principle applies to you and me. The more money we earn, the more comfortable our lives can be. increasing your bottom line is the icing on the cake in business or personal endeavors.

Now for the question that many people want the secret to, how do I increase my bottom line? The answer to this question is, increase your value. When you increase your value, you increase your stock. When your stock raises, your dollar value raises. Essentially this equates to more money in your pocket. So the real question is, how do I increase my value?

Fortunately, this blog provides three effective methods to increase your bottom line by increasing your value:

1.Get Knowledge.

Increasing your knowledge base is a fundamental principle of life that equates to success. The bible also affirms this. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6).” The more you learn, the more you earn—a simple concept in our face every day.

For example, a college graduate can earn more money than workers with just years of experience on the same job.

Another example. People will often pay an excessive amount of money to a licensed or authorized business or individual to fix a problem versus spending less on an entity that claims to be capable of the same.

These two examples illustrate how knowledge increases your value and gives you the advantage to earn more money. The key to increasing your knowledge is the acquisition of information. In other words, get educated. Seek information that will benefit your line of work or career. You will make more money than entry-level or be in line for a promotion.

There are many options to help you increase your value. For example, you can back to school, get your GED online, take certificated courses, or even watch YouTube videos to enhance your knowledge base.

2.Reading Informative Books.

Reading is a receptive skill that involves assimilating information. This ties into the first point of increasing your knowledge base, with the bonus of discovering many valuable life tips. Reading informative books or text has many benefits that will contribute to you becoming a valuable asset.

For instance, reading informative books and text will boost your intelligence and cognitive abilities. The higher your cognitive skills are, the more effective you become at problem-solving. Having the ability to solve problems can also qualify you for a promotion. The ability to solve problems will not only change your life but drastically increase your value.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They enhance the way we live day-to-day.

Reading informative books opens your mind to new thinking and allows you to create your own wealth through problem-solving and shared life tips.

The secret to becoming wealthy is finding out what books rich people read.


Mastery of skill or knowledge in a particular area will make you the most sort after. Think about it. People will fly or drive great distances to see a specialist or a guru for their expertise in a particular field or subject. Some people go to a particular restaurant or bakery to get what they can’t get anywhere else. Or for the fact, no one can make what they love, like them.

Specializing is a result of mastering your craft and focusing on one particular area. Specializing births rarity and what distinguishes you from everyone else. Rarity is what increases your value. When someone or something is rare, the value goes up exponentially.

For example, blue diamonds are expensive because they are rare.

When you take the time to master your craft and specialize, people will pay for you or your skills.


Hopefully, you found this blog helpful, as it was intended to help you increase your bottom line through organic methods. Increasing your value is a simple principle of life. The more valuable you become, the more money comes your way. When you increase your value, you automatically increase your bottom line. You don’t have to chase money. It will follow you if you focus on increasing your value through the methods suggested by this blog.

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