How to be a leader and What you need to know

Before we discuss how to become a leader, we must first define what a leader is and dispel some mindset.

A leader is defined as a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

This definition feeds into the thinking that a leader is identified by having followers, members, or by having those under authority. Although this is true in some Arenas of leadership, it does not describe all leaders. You can also be a leader by merely doing what is right or by being focused on a vision. Having members or followers doesn’t make you a leader.

Eg. Civil Rights Movement Leader Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks was an ordinary working woman. She didn’t have a group of followers or was an elected political leader. Yet, Ms. Parks is regarded as one of history’s great leaders because she stood up for her rights and against social injustice.

Rosa Parks was more focused on the future outcome of equality than victimization.

The definition of what a leader is, along with the myths of what a leader is, is the reason why most people aren’t leaders. And why some leaders in leadership roles aren’t really leaders.

Let’s look a couple of these mindsets:

Mindset 1

There is a consensus that some people believe that only a select special few can be a leader. This type of thinking is misleading and untrue because everyone is created to lead. God, the Father, has given every human being dominion over the earth.

Mindset 2

A leader must rule with an iron, this is how some so-called leaders lead. They lead by using manipulation, threats, and force. This is called an abuse of power. A leader should never lead through the use of manipulation but rather lead through inspiration.

Mindset 3

Some egotistical leaders have the mindset that only they have the answers, and that their way is the right way. This way of thinking is destructive to a team, organization, and citizens of a country. A true leader acknowledges his people.

Changing the way you think about leadership is the first step to becoming a leader. Leadership begins with how you think.

Tip: Leadership is 80% mentality and 20% skill.

The next step to becoming a leader is to understand the role of a leader.

The role of leadership is one of great importance and comes with great responsibilities. Being a leader isn’t about power, position, talent, or social status. It’s about inspiring, mentoring, and developing people.

A leader or should I say a true leader empowers the people around him or people who follow him.

A true leader transforms the lives of those around him or those who follow him.

Eg. Transforming a coward into a fearless warrior or transforming someone quiet and timid into someone bold and passionate.

The main key to becoming a leader is self-awareness and knowledge of purpose.

You will never be a true leader if you are unsure of yourself, or don’t have knowledge of your purpose. You can’t direct or lead anyone, much less yourself, if you don’t know where you are going. All true leaders have a goal or purpose in mind.

When a leader has self-awareness and knowledge of purpose, it is evident in the style of leadership and influence.

A leader with knowledge of purpose and self-awareness does the following:

Brings about change.

Free people from mental chains.

Help unlock true potential.

Transform Sheeps into Lions.

Give meaning to other people’s lives.

In summary, to answer the question of how to be a leader, you must keep in mind the main points to becoming a leader: Changing your mindset of what a leader is, Understand the dynamic role of leadership, and knowing one’s self-worth and purpose. This is how you become a leader.

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  1. Paula McKeVa


    When we were children there was a game called “Follow the Leader* which along came a song. In today’s world the 3 Mindsets of Leadsrship that you have mention is definitely demonstrated amongst us and in all areas of our lives. If it’s not at work it’s at home or probably in the church. What I love about being a Leader as we all are; providing we know what our true purpose is and we can drive that to the best of our ability with us driving it’s force. Like you have proven yourself time and time again with your insight and sharing your wisdom with others. A Leader should never be selfish. Thank you Nephew!🙋🏾 It was again another awesome read.

  2. Tonquekeia Major


    Dario Gardiner
    Thank you so much I thought have a position or a title at a company defines one’s as a leader but, really and truly it doesn’t. Reading your article helps me to understand I am already a leader by bringing change, free people from mental chains, help unlock true potential. GOD has helped me with this one here :Transform sheep into lions. This message is needed for all leaders and persons who don’t believe that they are leaders already.

  3. Christopher Smith


    Wow what a great read and superb insight to this page old topic. I agree that the keystone to unlocking leader in to fully understand what it is and what its not. Dario explains the differences with wismatic skrill and his readers will all be educated and inspiried after reading this blog. Thanks again for sharing Dario and keep up the great work! The world needs your insightful advice and wisdom keys as you are inspired from the creator of life our heavenly Father.

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