You were born to Dominate

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I want to virtually talk to you,

or at least the real you.

The you that desire power.

I know that’s a bold statement to make, but trust me, you desire power. Power over your life, finances, time, and power over death. You desire power and control over your day.  You desire the ability to travel anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, without ever worrying about Monday morning or work the following day. You are tired of being a slave to your job and your boss. And the reason why you feel this way is simple, you were born to dominate.

When most people hear the word dominate a negative connotation is usually associated with the word. The very definition of dominate means to have power over or power to defeat. This may be the reason why understanding this concept of being a being created to dominate may be a tough pill for some to swallow, especially how most people are brought up to think that those in a position of power are evil.

And yes, some people do validate that stigma.

Movies also portray the same sentiments of those in a position of power ruling and mistreating their underlings. Not to mention nature itself, which is predicated on animals of strength and size dominating, weaker and smaller animals.

Despite popular belief, every human being is created to be a dominator.

However, this is not a common belief of every human being grouping as some think, only those who come from a long line of money or bloodline due to heritage or monarchy have a claim to rulership. While others think rulership is for the strong and bully the weak. This is the wrong concept of being a dominator.

So what does it mean to be a dominator?

The word dominator comes from the word dominion. Which means ruling or controlling power over property or territory. And dominion is what we were created to have over the earth, our environment, resources, and gifts. Not over each other.

A dominator is one who governs, manages, and has authority over everything he or she has access or possession of, i.e., money, livestock, time, mentality, equipment/tools, natural talent, education/knowledge, and real estate. A dominator is a productive manager that controls his or her resources, maximizes it’s uses, and multiplies his or her territory through effective management.

E.g., If you are a cook or baker who owns a stove and oven in your home, you should never be concerned with employment. You have the ability to start a business from your kitchen.

It’s not about what you have or don’t have, its how you manage what you have.

God the Father created us to dominate the earthly realm with the abilities, gifts, and resources that he gave to us. Still, the problem is, most people don’t know what their gifts are or have a limited view of their resources and themselves not knowing their true genetic makeup. Thus, resulting in why many people experience an average life and/or are presently stuck living someone else’s dream, and worst yet, under the authority of those with the wrong concept of dominion. 

What is blocking you from the power you desire?

The thing that separates you from obtaining the power you desire, which is true freedom, is your mindset. Your mindset is your belief system. Your belief system is what you tell yourself and what you believe about yourself. It is also the reason why you see and experience life the way you do.

Another thing that blocks you from the power you desire is outside factors that help mold your belief system. Factors such as the world system, the educational system, and your upbringing help framed who you are today. These outside factors are hazardous to our existence because they plant seeds of self-doubt and lies about who you are. what you can and cannot do, and worst of all, tell you who to be. The biggest tragedy about these outside factors is that we pass these influences onto our children or next generation.

Your Birthright!

It can’t be stress enough that you were born to be a dominator and that it’s your inherited birthright. You were created to rule over the earth, not be ruled by it or by other people. This is why you can’t wait to get off from work and/or why financial freedom is at the top of your wish list. The father created us in his image and created a law that linked us to his sovereignty by saying, “Let mankind have dominion over the earth.”

This is why you shouldn’t let plants or leaves like tobacco, coca, or marijuana rule you, money included. The same for alcohol, gambling, sex addictions, fear, and other people’s opinions of you. The greatest threat to your birthright is laziness. Being lazy is the total opposite of being a dominator. In fact, if you allow laziness to rule you, you will be condemned to a fate wort than death, slavery. Living to serve a boss, money, or an addiction.


As human beings, we have a natural inclination to want to be the best, to rule, and have dreams of freedom and mastery over our lives. This is due to our inherent nature of being natural dominators. Unfortunately, we let fear, our environment(where we were born), laziness, other people’s opinions, limited resources, and belief system dictate our life and what we can and cannot do. This is not the plan intended for our lives, and it’s time, we as human beings, take our rightful place as dominators and relinquish the chains of subjection. To do this, we must realize who we are and our divine genetic make-up, in addition to renewing our minds, which is the key to unlocking the real you, the life you dream of, and the freedom you desperately desire.

Mentality commitment

Begin each morning by repeating the phrase “I was born to dominate.

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11 responses to “You were born to Dominate”

  1. Nice work sensei, send me all u gat man teacher, need to study

    1. Will do. As soon as I learn I will pass it on.

  2. Thus is powerful, this hit me like a mack truck, thank you and keep it up..

  3. Clifford Williams Avatar
    Clifford Williams

    Amazing read. This was powerful a part of this i felt it in my soul.

    “It can’t be stress enough that you were born to be a dominator and that it’s your inherited birthright. You were created to rule over the earth, not be ruled by it or by other people. This is why you can’t wait to get off from work and/or why financial freedom is at the top of your wish list. The father created us in his image and created a law that linked us to his sovereignty by saying, “Let mankind have dominion over the earth.”

  4. This is an amazing read. Its simply honet amd practical. Its something each and every one of us needs to read to realize thay we are all born to dominate.

  5. Christopher Smith Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    Well written and thought provoking information. I love the insightfulness and the wisdom shared by Dario in this blog it was empowering.

  6. Francisco Neily Avatar

    Very motivational piece. I will DOMINATE!!!!!

  7. Awesome read here brother!!! Keep on going!!!

  8. Very good read Dario and love the title of the piece. It all comes together real nicely.

  9. Professor (Dario Gardiner) all I can say is THANKYOU for adding to who I am. This article is indeed another eye opener to whom Our Creator is and what HE has called us to be. We have the greatest empowerment of being A DOMINATOR….. Continue to bring the word forward; if only one gets it out of 100 YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😢

    Your Aunt!
    Proud Of You!

  10. Very motivational please continue because a lot of us including myself are being brainwash not to great works. Let God will be done

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