Repairing Our Broken Society.

Repairing our broken society may seem like an impossible mission, given the fact that we as a society have so many ailments. Ailments such as the rise of violence and crime, Gender Role distortion, Family structure Decay, Loss of Values, No sense of purpose, and a Lack of Spiritual Guidance, all nipping away at the core of our society. In addition to the added effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

The most damaging effect of a broken society is the culture it creates and the people that are produced from it. Much like how a broken home would produce broken children, a broken society will yield broken citizens. Unfortunately, our society is filled with these types of people, people that some may deem a new breed—citizens with a warped mindset, citizens that are egocentric, lewd, and Godless.

We have lost our humanity.  We have forgotten what it means to care and to share with our neighbors. We have lost what it means to look out for one another and how to live in harmony with each other. Times have changed, and although change is inevitable, we shouldn’t allow the image of who we are as a society to become unrecognizable or a thing of a distant past.

We have accepted a new culture and a new way of living, thus resulting in a new era and a new generation of people. But the big question is, can we return to the way it once was and repair our broken society. Or, are we doomed to lose our humanity indefinitely?

The answer to the question is a resounding yes. Nothing is ever lost until death becomes a factor. Death comes in three relative forms, emotional, mental, and physical. Society isn’t dead. Therefore we still hope and a chance to repair our broken society. But, we must be willing to change and put in the work, collectively as a community, if we want to restore our society.

It may seem like an impossible task to fix society, especially with so many different people making up the community you don’t have control over. This misconception of worrying about changing another person, along with the hopeless proclamation, “What difference can one person make,” is why we have so many morality changes and unethical society.

You can’t control people and worrying is a waste of time, it accomplishes nothing. What you can do is control yourself. You don’t have to worry about fixing another person, just fix yourself and then collectively we will be whole. The war to reclaiming what we have lost as a society must be fought on two fronts—one on an individual front and the other on a collective front.

Individual Front

So, how do we fight this war on an individual front—by taking an introspective look at ourselves and our actions. For example, how do you speak to people? How do you treat or make another person feel? What are you teaching your children? Are you taking care of your children? It’s easy to shine a light on someone else and what they are doing or not doing, rather than ourselves. The only way we can turn the tide of this war— is by first accepting and taking responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof.

Values, courtesy, respect, Spirituality, (Agape) love, standing up for what is morally right, collaborating for a worthy cause, living in peace and harmony with each another are the foundational underpinnings we have lost as a society because we have lost them individually.

If we start by fixing ourselves and our household, our behaviors, actions, and— what we are teaching our children. We will ultimately fix our society.

Collective front aka Social Teamwork

The battle on the collective front is us uniting as a society, after fixing our individual faults— to protect and preserve our culture, the way we should live, the laws our forefathers put in place to guide us morally, and, most importantly, biblical principles.

Uniting on the collective front is what makes us powerful, what gives us a voice and an identity. It gives us a banner to stand under— for together we stand, divided we fall.

Keys to repairing our broken society

The key to repairing our broken society is as simple as going back to basics. We must go back to foundational principles such as loving your neighbors as you love yourself, honoring our parents and elders, standing up for what is morally right, caring for those less fortunate than ourselves, honoring wedding vows, raising children together as a loving and respectable community—and last but not least, the return of biblical principles.

Another key to repairing our broken society is by restoring what we lost:

Spiritual Guidance:

Spiritual guidance is what keeps us morally sound—it is our true north. Spiritual guidance also calls for us to be or strive to be better versions of ourselves. Spiritual guidance encourages loving one another, forgiveness, giving than receiving, and knowing that the creator (God the father) has a plan for us all.

Family structure-

The family is the first institution presented not only in the bible but as the first building block of creating society(Adam & Eve). The family is responsible for training, developing, and producing wholesome members of society. Governments, organizations, relationships, and the community all rely on the success of the family structure system—which is most effective when there is a Father and mother in the home.

Our Identity

Lost of identity is worse than identity theft, and the same is true for not knowing or not having an identity. It is important for an individual to have an identity, for it speaks volumes about who you are and your purpose in life. It is equally as important for a community to have an identity as it serves as a reputation guide of its societal members.


Our mentality is responsible for what we value, who we value, the way we behave, the way and manner we speak. Our mentality is also connected to the way we look at life, the way we reason and religious or non religious beliefs.

We have also lost our values, humanity, sense of pride, and purpose—and have traded them for selfish ambition. The price for doing this is why our future generations are weak minded, disrespectful, and callous. It’s not too late and we can preserve future generations by getting the ball rolling and making the necessary changes individually and as a community now. We can repair our broken society by restoring what we lost, going back to basics, social teamwork, positive change, and through Spiritual guidance.

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  1. Much wisdom Rio alwys impressed with your work

  2. Thanks alot for the wisdom brother appreciate it every time

  3. Dario Gardiner

    Thank you for sharing repairing a broken society needs to go viral. The world is experiencing this. How can the world be great? It starts with us and wanting to change. I pray that it get better.

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