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This article is intended for men, especially. Ladies, please take notes and share this blog with your significant male counterparts and with your male family members. 
What is manhood? A question haunting the minds of males young and old of the 21st Century.
My hope is that every male reading this article would have a new understanding of manhood and responsibilities as a man.


The world has been suffering from the effects of COVID since the beginning of 2020. Subsequently, due to the pandemic, governments worldwide have desperately been trying to reclaim a sense of normality. Hence, we can look forward to recovering from the pandemic, thanks to new information, practices, and precautionary measures being implemented.

As great as that sounds for the world to recover from COVID-19, another pandemic plagues our planet. And this pandemic is responsible for destroying generations after generations. It’s the loss of male identity.

Men and the world today

Men of the twenty-first century are the primary victims of this severe illness destroying our collective societies. The loss of identity in men is the reason why our communities, neighborhoods, and families are decaying rapidly. Unfortunately, this identity crisis also bleeds over to future generations, creating a vicious and continuous cycle of destructive destinies. This speaks directly to fathers and their ultimate responsibilities. If a man is unclear of his identity and purpose, it’s more likely his confusion will negatively impact his children.

Over the past 50 years, the loss of identity in males has re-shaped our world today. Men are created to lead. Unfortunately, most men are out of position. The leadership role of a man is one of great importance and is unfulfilled by our female counterparts. This is no insult to women, but men represent leadership, strength, and security. Men are supposed to carry their families, not abandon their families. But how can a man lead without first being taught how to? Or be a man without understanding the comprehensive nature of manhood? This is where fatherhood comes in.

The world as we know today of single-parent homes, young men in gangs, children having children are symptoms of a broken world caused by a lack of true male presence.

How to fix the world

To fix the world, we have to fix the men. How do we fix the men? by restoring what we as men have lost, our identity and a sense of purpose. Men are chosen to lead the family by our creator, which also affects our neighborhoods, communities, society, Governments, the country, and the world. When men are out of position, children of fatherless homes engage in destructive behaviors and/or fall victim to destructive destinies. Articles such as Dad is Destiny, Dad equals Destiny, and Life without Father connects men not being in the home to crime, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, imprisonment, generational curses, gangs, suicide, violence, and high divorce rates. These studies conducted outside of the bible also prove that the key to fixing the world is through men as men are responsible for raising children, who grow into adults, who inhabit the world.

Emotional and Psychological Issues of Men

Men are confused about manhood because most men grew up without a father. Or lived with a father who wasn’t fathered. Thus the vicious cycle begins, and the emotional and psychological confusion manifest. When a boy grows up without a father, he is institutionalized on how to be a man from his environment, television, the culture of society, and worst of all, the example of his father running out on the family.

Another physiological blow that aids the confusion about manhood is the lack of need from women of the 21st-century. Women of this age now work, drive, and also bring home the bacon. Women have become so independent that they now say, “I don’t need a man.” In fact, women dominate the workforce and have their own homes, vehicles, groceries, and bank accounts. Why is this important? Because the men of yesteryear had a social role of being a provider. Now the one role linked to the functionality of being a man is gone.

Men of the 21st-century are the result of a lack of fatherly love from their fathers, lack of need from the new age woman, and lack of knowledge of his purpose, socially and in the grand scheme of life. Most men are frustrated and unhappy with themselves; this is why men join gangs, hang on the blocks, congregate in barrooms, and are found in jails. The lack of spiritual guidance also plays a major role in the functionality and behavior of men. Today’s men are disconnected from God the Father and have fallen victim to the negative influence of the devil. With a new identity, men now identify manhood by the number of women he sleeps with and the number of children he produces. This new identity comes with a twisted blueprint where men use their strength to abuse their wives instead of protecting, loving, and providing for them. Hanging out with their friends instead of spending time with their children. And rather than leaving a legacy of vision, strength, and love, men are leaving a trail of fatherless children, broken homes, and generational curses.


The issue men of the 21st-century face are connected to these questions, what is manhood? What manhood looks like? Is manhood a part of the process of growing from a boy into an adult male? How do I lead? What women want or need from me? What is the role of a man? And who should I emulate? All these questions are derived from a loss of Identity.

The only way we can reclaim our identity is by first understanding what we lost. And what we lost is the key to restoring our manhood and fixing the world. The fact that most men don’t know who they are is a direct result of why men are imageless and children are wayward.

Essentially, what we really lost is a connection to our spiritual Father. The one that created us sustains us and the one who purposed us to be. When we lost connection to the Father, who we were made in the image of, we lost ourselves. This is why men are searching for an identity. The repercussions of this loss of identity are also seen in children who grow up not knowing who is their father is or where to find them. As a result of fatherlessness, children don’t know who they are, where they come from, and which direction their life is going in. When children lose connection with their father, they lose their identity and try everything.

So, what is Manhood and how do we restore it?

Manhood is what makes a man a man. It is the very nature of God and is the true spirit of being a provider, protector, comforter, and teacher. Manhood is also the embodiment of purpose and identity. Manhood is the remedy for ninety percent of the world’s problems, and without it, the world will remain broken.

Men, we are the light of the world, and without us, humanity will be doomed to repeat an endless cycle of destructive destinies. It may seem, like a lot, knowing that you are responsible for the state of the world and being the foundation of the entire family, but God chose us to lead. That alone says you are more than capable of doing the job. But despite that reassurance, the starting point for every man is how? Especially when your father wasn’t in your life or didn’t show you love, if he was. Or maybe, you had the type of father that didn’t he even show cared for the family. What about the men who went to prison and their families don’t want them in their lives? How do you exude manhood when you are unneeded by women, or your culture dictates the opposite criteria for being a man? How do you inspire greatness out of your children when you didn’t graduate or your life is a mess? These are all legitimate questions but definitely not an exhaustive list of questions some men may have about restoring their position in life(manhood). Still, no matter how you grew up or what your life is like now, you can restore your manhood by reconnecting with the creator God the Father. He can remove the confusion, give you the answers to the questions you have, and re-purpose your life. As well as restore your manhood, family, or condition with your family.

Men, it’s up to us to fix the errors of our predecessors and restore the future for our children and or would-be children. You should also enlist the following to assist you in restoring your manhood: Seek counseling to help with your upbringing or marriage. Take parenting classes if you are unsure how to be a father. Read books, articles, or any form of print material on parenting, love, self-development, and leadership. Engage in new productive hobbies, spend time with your family/children and honor your commitments. Take up a course or reeducate yourself; make yourself valuable. Last but not least, find yourself in a good bible-based church, this will encompass everything you need to restore your manhood.

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    7 responses to “Restoring-Manhood”

    1. Deborah Miller Avatar
      Deborah Miller

      This Truth is POWERFUL and perfectly said.
      This I will definitely share.

    2. This is Great My Friend Awesome Read!!!!Keep on Going!!!!

    3. Barrett newton Avatar
      Barrett newton

      It has alot of gainful information it also nice to know and idea of where we went wrong

    4. Andrew Knowles Avatar
      Andrew Knowles

      Yesire Rio, this one really n truly to the black father’s big brother. It’s our families with the men missing n they been running from a long time. Our black families must seek first the kingdom of the almighty God, then let everything fall into place by the way of H.I.M. the giver n taker of life. BLESSED ASSURANCE BROTHER

    5. Donnarae Rolle Avatar
      Donnarae Rolle

      Nicely written. Men needs to be taught from a young age how to be a man. They can learn from their dad or strong male role models in their lives. Exposure from young is crucial to the growth and development of kids, boys and girls.

    6. Mario world 345 Avatar
      Mario world 345

      I think some of what u say is true but because of u not having a father or growing up with one does not make u a good or bad father u might just have to learn as u go and in this time a child she be brought up in a community because of parents are not there all the time to sometimes keep them from bad decisions in life people stop helping or looking out for others and only care about their self but I do like some of your points

    7. Christopher Smith Avatar
      Christopher Smith

      Dario, God has blessed your insights and wisdom. This article on the restoration of manhood is spot on and very informative.
      Restoring manhood blog was not only a great read, but instantly thought provoking, directional and intelligent!

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