Why Living A Balance Life Is Blocking You From Living A Successful One.

Balance is said to be the key to life. Or the key to everything.

Everything except a life of success.

Why is that, you may wonder?

Because most people live their lives trying to find balance or maintain the balance of their everyday life while not focusing on anything specific. And this is why most people fail to become successful. They spend their existence trying to balance.

Let me explain.

Success is intentional. This means you have to go after what you desire. Be willing to take some risks and prepared to lose some people or things to achieve success. Balance is the opposite. It leads to a mediocre life due to wasted time, effort, and energy maintaining bills. It’s essentially doing everything but not doing anything that leads you to a better life. This is why most people who seek balance lose out on experiencing a life of success.

So how does living a balance life block you from living a successful one?

By discouraging action that requires you to take control of your life. People choose to live a balanced life out of fear of the unknown and steer clear from “What if.” Most people are taught to trust what they know, so they rarely take chances on what they don’t know. The idea of losing anything valuable for the sake of a possibility becomes prohibited. Balance is the enemy of success because it encourages indecisiveness, inhibits progress, and assigns permanent residency in the good zone.


Indecisiveness is a product of maintaining or wanting to maintain balance. Being indecisive blocks you from making critical decisions that impact an existing situation. Some people choose to live in the gray because they don’t want to rock the boat. They are afraid to lose, so they decide to stay in the middle and live an average life.

Inhibits Progress

Balance disrupts the process of progress by blocking the desired outcome with visions, reasons, and inner voices of doubt. This makes most people unwilling to attempt to do anything more significant, thus hindering growth. Without forward movement, it’s impossible to get to the finish line. How can anyone succeed if they don’t at least try?

The Good Zone

The “I’m good zone” is the most dangerous aspect of living a balanced life. Because it not only blocks success, it establishes a sense of contentment with mediocrity. This sense of happiness removes the reason or necessity for advancement or the desire for more. The good zone also fuels indecisiveness and inhibits growth with the logic, “Why, change anything and risk losing what I have.


Success is more than just hoping things work out. It’s doing and moving towards a goal. It’s taking risks and fighting to achieve your desires. Success is like treading water. In contrast, balance is just staying above water. Living a balanced life portrays a falsehood of doing something productive with your life, mixed with a level of fear. Balance deludes people into thinking; If they pursue success, they will be missing out on other things. So they choose to stay where it’s safe, like on a job.

Aim for a life of success that leads to a life of fulfillment and purpose. Stay away from the balanced life that promotes mediocrity and a life of living in the gray. Parking your life in neutral doesn’t do anything for your life but makes it useless. Even God has no use for people in the middle. If you are in the middle, you are in a dangerous place, like being in the middle of a street. Make a decision and choose a direction for your life.

Balance is not the inclusion of everything or the avoidance of anything. It’s an excuse for doing nothing.

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  1. Donnarae Rolle


    Amen! I try aim for success everyday hoping one day I will be closer

  2. Tonquekeia Major


    I don’t want to live a balance life I want to go fully in. In the middle isn’t good enough for me. This one here balance gets alot of people trap they worry about keeping up with their bills and other expenses instead of focusing on what truly makes them feel happy and fulfill. I am so happy that doubt isn’t apart of my life I ask God to remove it and make me bold. I love your message.

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