Our Most Valuable Gift: How to master it through the power of management.

Before we begin, let’s start by asking a question that will identify what is our most valuable gift?” I’ll give you a hint. The answer is simple, and it’s the one thing that every human being has universally. And depending on how we use it, it affects our future. If you haven’t figured it out by now, don’t hurt your head. It’s time. Time is the most valuable gift we as human beings each have. Time is the one thing that makes every individual equal, and it doesn’t matter your gender, financial status, or age. We all have twenty-four hours in a day.

Time is a gift. And it would be an oversight on my behalf if I did not share what time is and what makes it a valuable gift. In the words of the late great Dr. Myles Munroe, “Time is an interruption in eternity.” Time is a temporal entity and a continuum of irreversible events. The very nature of time itself makes it valuable. Unfortunately, as it relates to time, there is no reset or do-over button. Therefore, you must take full advantage of the time you have and use it wisely. Time is valuable, and when you waste it, it’s gone. It never returns. And the only thing we can do to ensure that we don’t waste time is master it.

But how to master our most valuable gift?

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A good question with a simple one-word answer. Management. To master time, we must learn how to manage it and understand the importance of doing so. The management of time is the process of planning and the organization of time used on specific activities. The purpose of managing time is to meet a goal and or increase productivity. Mastering time is effective management of time.

Here are three tips that will teach you how to master our most valuable gift:


Prioritizing is the process of arranging and focusing dedicated time on what is most important first. This means that all tasks and activities that are urgent should be completed prior to doing the next. A priority list can make the difference between staying on top of things and scrapping to stay on top.

Utilizing A Schedule 

A schedule is a timetable of planned events. A schedule tracks dates, times meetings and protects your time from pop-ups. Having a schedule may seem trivial, but it is an effective time management tool. A schedule is like having a grocery list for shopping. The same way a grocery list keeps you focus on what to buy, a schedule keeps you on track and organizes your time.

Limit Distractions

A distraction is anything that causes you to shift your attention or focus from your primary objective. Distractions eat up your time and steal your attention. If you are not careful, distractions will keep you from being productive. Stay away from people and activities that waste your time. Distractions are time killers.

Taking the time to incorporate each of these tips into your life will help you manage your time and tasks.


Time is our most valuable gift. It is a gift from our most loving heavenly father to all men. Time is life, and it’s how we measure our time on earth. We cannot stop time, but we can master it by planning our lives. Who you are and what you are is a result of how you used your time. Planning your time is managing your life. So mastering the gift isn’t about mastering time. It’s about managing your life.

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  1. Andrew Knowles


    Wise man, you keep on it brother. I’m sure a few more novels on the way. Respect is due Master Rio

  2. Tonquekeia Major


    Time is very important. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves what did we do or accomplish today? Distractions is a huge set back. I had a schedule hopefully I can get back on track with this different shifts. Time goes by so quickly sometimes it takes hours just on one particular thing. Thank you for sharing the power of management it’s very important and helpful. Thank you for always putting positive messages out.

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