Is COVID-19 all bad?

Right now, to practically everyone on the planet earth, the answer to this question is an overwhelming yes! No surprise there. 


But what if I told you, that COVID-19 is not all bad. 😵

Now I understand that this concept is unsettling and your faces just said so, but hear me out for a minute. And no, I’m not crazy. 😜
Now, briefly going over the Coronavirus newly dubbed COVID-19 resume of evil. COVID-19 is responsible for the following: Thousands of deaths, Border closures/ Travel bans, 24-hour lockdowns, Job losses, and Social distancing. This is not an exhaustive list, however, if we look at that this sample size list in a vacuum, then yes COVID-19 is all bad. 
With that said let’s jump over to the side of Yin to COVID-19’s Yang. In 1634 John Milton coined the phrase Every cloud has a silver lining. This powerful and encouraging phrase is used to convey the notion that no matter how bad a situation may be or appear, there is always some good. 

On that premise, I’m sure we can all agree as humans, when we are going through a difficult time, we don’t see the benefit of hardships until later. 

With all that said let’s look at a few bright spots concerning COVID-19:  
Family togetherness- Husbands and Wives can rekindle old flames. Parents and Children can bond. 
Rest-You can finally get that extra shut-eye you’ve been longing for. You can also momentarily say goodbye to late shifts and extended hours.  
If you are not into religion then this may not matter to you, but many people are seeking God and are acknowledging that only he can save us.   👼
Cleaner AirWith the everyday hustle and bustle of countries around the world halted, we can breathe cleaner and fresher oxygen. Thanks to temporary closures of factories and minimal use of motor vehicles. 
Automatic hygienic practices- We were all taught to cover our mouths, after sneezing or coughing and to wash our hands…after everything. Some have forgotten these good hygienic practices but now, it will be a requirement.   
Opportunities at home: 
  • Learn to cook. 
  • Complete an online course 
  • Catch up on TV series 
So, in conclusion, let’s all take a page out of John Milton’s book and look for the silver lining.  
As we go through this global crisis, let’s all be safe and follow the guidelines, outlined by our nation’s head. Also, say a prayer for those families who have lost love ones due to this pandemic. Also, let us seek God and trust that he will guide us through this time.  
I hope you found this blog eye-opening and somewhat uplifting. If you take anything from this blog, I hope it’s the ability to find the positive in every seemingly bad situation.  
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this viewpoint. If you disagree with my views, you are also welcome to leave a comment and discuss why.  
Please be on the lookout for more thought-provoking discussions from me, 
 -Rio Sensei- 

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8 responses to “Is COVID-19 all bad?”

  1. With all the negativity and hopeless going around concerning Vivid-19, I just wanted to shed light a little at this dark time. Everyone please use this time to re-strategize and plan your future, as well as cherish this time with your families. Always look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. I believe that crisis usually have opportunities in them. Many new businesses came about because some people lost their jobs. Yes Covid-19 is extremely horrible but some good will come out of it.

  3. Some of the best businesses started during recessions eg Uber, whatsapp, groupon and even Instagram. We should always try to find a light during the darkness. Yes! Covid-19 has shut the whole world down but one thing is for sure. By the end of the mess a lot of Businesses will definitely have online services added. Also, I forsee alot of gym having lower memberships due to the fact that persons found a way to exercise at home and save that money. Thats my 5cents.

  4. Awesome and thought-provoking

  5. Wow what a Grand slam, thought provoking read. The insughtfullness and positive reality regarding the essence of family life under restoration is huge and is indeed a breath of fresh air. It's like in Asian countries where crisis are seen as opportunity and in Dario's blog despite the challenges which he adequately acknowledged and addressed his view points goes beyond safety and common sense BUT it reestablish a sense of community,family values and most beautifully spirituality a link to a source of help and foundation no government of world leader can match. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dario, I'll be looking forward for more of your blogs.

  6. Wow great job Dario this is thought provoking!

  7. Good read rio

  8. Wow Rio, that’s something to think about. There is always a positive after a negative! When you think about it we as people go and go with no thoughts of taking the time to appreciate little things but now we do because the world is at stand still..It’s sad covid-19 is killing people, we should never take life for granted. Not knowing if the person standing next to you has the virus is crazy. The economy is going down, so now is the time to buy houses and sell quick..I hope we somehow see the good in this situation.Take the time to stop breathe, love hard, forgive often. I know I do.

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