Welcome to Green-lite Dojo

Green-lite Dojo is a motivational center that inspires growth and leadership. We also provide fashionable motivational apparel that inspires mindset elevation, self-affirmation, and growth.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To awaken the spirit of growth and leadership inherent in all mankind, through mental transformation, self-empowerment, and godly inspiration. Green-lite Dojo is committed to growth and restoration of purpose.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To inspire the next generation and redirect the course of their future.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To produce and release positive media that will not only motivate individuals but transform them into passionate, purpose-driven agents of empowerment.

Finishing the race to your dream

“Life is not about starting, it’s about finishing.”  -Dr. Myles Munroe- Starting is easy. Starting is fun. Starting is new and exciting, but starting is only the beginning. The treasures of life are not found at the beginning, it’s found in the completion of the journey. In the bible, it says, “The race is not

Prepping for Post-COVID Opportunities

  By now you have heard about COVID-19, the pandemic that has its boot print on the world. COVID-19 is changing our way of life as we know it and it’s going to affect how businesses are going to be conducted in the future, some positive and some negative. In lieu of this eminent change,

How to Overcome Times of Crisis

                                                                     So, before we begin, let me explain what a crisis is, A crisis is a situation or event that drastically impacts

Is COVID-19 all bad?

Right now, to practically everyone on the planet earth, the answer to this question is an overwhelming yes! No surprise there.     But what if I told you, that COVID-19 is not all bad. 😵 Now I understand that this concept is unsettling and your faces just said so, but hear me out for a minute.

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