How To Be Successful: 5 Secrets You Need To Know

Everyone desires to be successful in some form or fashion. Whether it’s success in sports, education, business, finance, romance, socially, individually, and spiritually. The desire to be successful is coded in our human DNA, this is why we dream big dreams. We dream of being the best, the world’s champion, the most popular, the smartest, the strongest, the richest, or having great wealth. Even kids can attest to having these kinds of dreams, I’m sure you can as well.

But dreams and desires alone won’t magically make you successful, you also have to put in the work as well as gain adequate knowledge. The status of being successful is a combination of big dreams, desire, hard work, and knowing the secrets/ principles to become successful.

Before we dive into the secrets/ principles of being successful, let me just say success is predictable via your mindset. Listen to any successful individual or read the footnotes of a successful company or follow the stories of celebrities who made it big. You will notice a commonality in each success story, their mindset.

Having the right mindset about being successful is the key to unlocking success. To have the right mindset about success, you need to know the 7 secrets about being successful:

Secret #1 Respecting the Process

Respecting the process is one of the most important secrets about being successful.

Being successful isn’t an overnight thing. You cannot expect to be successful just because you are: smart, talented, athletic, or have the gift of gab. To be successful, you must put in the time and hard work if your goal is to be the best or to be recognized as one of the best.

The process can be grueling, and more often than not, it takes years of hard work and dedication for the process to mature you into being successful. But no matter how challenging this process may be, it is vital and necessary that you stick with it. This is the portion of your journey, were becoming successful, you learn what works, what doesn’t the dos and don’ts. More importantly, this also the phase where you gain experience that adds up to you becoming successful. Many people give up during this phase because it’s hard and usually doesn’t look like it would produce the desired outcome they want.

Success it like a seed, it takes time to mature into a tree.

Secret #2 Mastering your Craft

To master your craft, you have to spend time doing the thing you are attempting to be successful at. I’ am reminded of a quote by NBA great Kevin Durant. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work…”

No one successful or considered the best in their field ever achieved the label of best, great, number one or champion without spending extra time practicing, studying, developing new techniques or tactics ask KD.

One plus one is two. So, if you spend additional time doing the thing you are trying to perfect or achieve, the benefits of investing more time, will by far surpass the results of less time, and it will bring you closer to mastering your craft.

Double time equals greater results.

Secret #3 Refining your Gift

God, the Father(The Creator), has given us all unique talents and giftings to be successful. However, raw talent must be refined or polished if it’s to be presented as a completed product. Refining your gift refers to acquiring all the knowledge needed to be successful in the area of your gifting or interest.

Here’s an example.

Imagine a singer coming on stage to perform. This singer has a fantastic voice, the look of a star and from childhood was compared to legend Whitney Houston. This singer appears to be ready to wow the crowd. However, this singer doesn’t have any stage presence, can’t read music, and lacks the knowledge of utilizing breathing techniques—all necessary skills for professional singers to have.

Question: If you were the judge on a tv show, what would you do?

(A) Would you consider this individual a professional ready singer.


(B) Advise that singer to try again, and use the time to learn the basics.

Based on the example, it is a waste of time for anyone who wishes to be successful in whatever area they choose, or gifting if they don’t possess all the components needed to be successful.

Learning and seeking knowledge is the best way of refining your gift, and the fastest route to becoming successful. You can refine your gift, interest, business, or level of professionalism by reading a book, taking a course, going back to school, or seeking advice from those in authority or successful in what you are attempting to achieve.

Talent combine with knowledge will make you shine brighter and accelerate your rate of being successful.

Secret #4 You must be willing to Sacrifice

No war is won without sacrifice.

As harsh as that may sound, it is a fact. And the same is true for being successful. You can’t expect to be successful if you are not willing to cut out some bad habits, people, relationships, and guilty pleasures from your daily life to achieve a goal.

Being successful is the result of victory over life’s challenges and distractions via sacrifices. It’s the same as playing a game of checkers or chess. Both of these strategy games are centered around sacrificing pawns for victory.

Thus sacrifice is not only essential for victory in a game but also for being successful in life.

Secret #5 Enduring Hardships & Trials

Perseverance is key.

If you want to be successful, you have to stick with it and outlast the tests, the hardships, and the momentary failures. If you give up when these troubles arise, you will never be successful.

To make it from point A to point B, life must test you, this process is similar to gold refinement. Before a gold piece is considered valuable, it must pass a series of trials via fire. If the metal outlasts the test, something rare and shiny emerges. The same will be so for you if you survive the hardships and trials.

You will emerge a success.

Being successful isn’t an easy walk, and it’s not for the weak-willed. The journey of being successful is a long and hard fight. Get that in your head. Don’t be like some people who think being successful is an overnight quest, or that their natural talent will guarantee them success and/ or believing they don’t have to put in any extra work to be successful. This is the wrong concept to have about being successful in any arena, whether gifted or otherwise. This is also the reason why unsuccessful people don’t achieve any goal they set out for themselves because they have the wrong mindset about being successful.

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  1. Omg! You are 100%. My saying is “once you master your mindset, you made your actions”. Our minds and thoughts are powerful. It can help us grow or stay stagnant.

    Thank you for this great insight.

    Stay Blessed

    1. Great read my brother. Indeed great positive vibes of encouragement and perseverance.
      Keep it coming very proud of you.

    2. Everything you put out is very inspirational to the right mind set. I pray that what ever you set your mind to accomplish you do. Continue to reach out to others and inspire us all to become better versions than our old self and mindset bro. Bless up!!!

  2. The cliche the road to success is a marathon and not a sprint applies here. We must set achievable goals, and diligently work toward them. As the wins stack up it becomes a lifestyle and you keep striving toward new goals and gradually climb the ladder of success. The real determination is to keep climbing no matter how many times you miss a step and fall. Learn from your mistakes and keep growing.

  3. Amazingly written!
    Hard work is key to any success…. that’s why folks should not allow jealousy, envy and hatred to overtake them when they see others walk the pathway of success. IT DOES NOT COMES EASY! Look how you are birthing your babies since this Pandemic. Although you have written 2 books you still have other visions to come forth.

    I’m grateful that you are releasing wisdom and revelation into others lives. Many don’t realize the hinderance and distractions that’s amongst them. So I’m glad that you mentioned the below:-

    You can’t expect to be successful if you are not willing to cut out some bad habits, people, relationships, and guilty pleasures from your daily life to achieve a goal.

    Keep up the Awesome Knowledge! Nephew!
    May GOD continue to grant you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to release to his people.

  4. So proud of you Dario, the sky is the limit. God is using you to do great things.

  5. Dario Gardiner
    Success is a process. Mastering your craft is a blessing you have to keep pushing. Sacrifice is so hard. Am halfway there. I want to go all the way. I am very very proud of you. Amazing work. Just super

  6. I love the this week”s blog about becoming successful and what it takes to achieve it. The advice and tips stated are frank, honest and to the point. This was not just a great read but it’s LITERALLY FOOD FOR THOUGHT which are the thoughts of my wife and I. The knowledge kept you informed and complell you to take an introspection of oneself. Thanks for sharing Green Lite DoJo!

  7. The points are well thought out and well written. This is a practical approach to achieving success. Great job keeping your readers inspired.

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