Finding your Identity

Finding your Identity

To find the answer to this question we must first find the answer to What is your identity?

Is your identity your appearance, your DNA, your social status, your fingerprints? What about the amount of money you have, your religious beliefs, your family’s legacy, your moral code, or is it the person your government id states?

The question of who am I? and what is my purpose? derives from a lack of knowledge of one’s own identity. These two daunting and introspective questions, always seem to hit right to the core of our souls. Thus, that is where we ought to begin, if we are to find what is our identity.

So, what is your soul?

Your soul is made up of your mind, your will, and your emotions. Three components that make human beings unstoppable.

The Creator(God the father) packaged us perfectly, as he gave us a soul and in it, he placed our purpose.

That is why when the question of identity or purpose is presented, some may feel a sense of unfulfillment or may become depressed when they are not inline with their life’s purpose. These people are usually persons that have an instinctive inclination to do something extraordinary, early in their lives, but sometimes family members, friends, teachers or even success on a job can inadvertently discourage dreams, causing one to come off his/her life’s course. Left with a void and feelings of uncertainty of who they are, these people sometimes turn to drugs, alcohol, or get involved with people and or situations the lead to destruction and/or a life of regret.

On the other hand, there those people who are connected with their life’s’ purpose and the questions of who am I? and What is my purpose? is not a mystery, it’s elementary. There is a notable difference with a person, who knows who they are verses a person struggling with their identity. People who are walking inline with their purpose which equates to their true identity are happy, they exude confidence, they share their life’s experiences, they speak with passion and they live without regret of not going against the guidance of their soul.

Notable Quote:

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Marc Anthony

On the surface alone, some people may say this quote isn’t a quote that speaks directly to the question of one’s identity, but on the contrary, this quote speaks more directly to one’s true identity than a job.

Let me explain.

Every human is created specifically for a suited purpose a.k.a your true work. Your true work is not to be confused with your day job. Your day job is temporary, even if you are a permanent staff with a big office, your job can be taken away from you at anytime. Your position at your job is not who you are, it is what you are paid to do. Your identity is who you are at your core/soul. Your identity cannot be taken away from you, and the same for your true work. The two go hand in hand. Pandemics, a bad economy and job cuts have no say of who you are.

I want you to think about a famous and successful athlete, a world-renowned respected chef, or an artist who is considered an artistic genius. Now ask yourself the question, what do they all have in common? Pretty much anyone who is considered the best in their field have one thing in common, they all love what they do. And for these people what they do is synonymous to who they are. That is why when the best are asked questions about the area they are dominating in, you would normally get responses like; This is my life or I can’t imagine my life without it.

If you find what you love, you find who you are.


I would like to admonish everyone reading this blog, who is in search of their true identity to set aside some personal time for yourself and do some soul searching. Identify your natural talents or giftings, and meditate on them. Next, think about all of your hobbies and what about them you like or love? Now ask yourself is there a connection between your natural giftings and your hobbies? When you find your answer to these two questions, you will find who you are. I must warn you, it’s not as easy as it sounds and it may take awhile. Once you find your identity, you must then decide what you want to be known for.

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  1. Another good read bro…i must admit reading your blogs really make me revaluate something and help me think…keep up the good work El Rio Sensei…

  2. Dario your blogs really inspire us, these statements keep us in tack with the times we are going thru. Borother keep inspiring us with these messages.

  3. Wow, that’s was definitely something to really think about..I going to speak to a group of teenagers in July and your blog give me some great ideas to talk about..Yes a lot of people do struggle with who they are, it important to sit down in a quiet place and really meditate on who you are and who you want to be. I like how you wrote “Pandemics, in a bad academy has no say on who you are” ..I believe this is the time now to find out who you are, and do your work not your job..

  4. Great Read! … The system is designed to keep us away from our purpose. hopefully most of us buck the system and fulfill our true purpose while here. Many dreams and goals are in the graveyard .

  5. This truly was an awesome read.. contine to enlighten and encourage this and other generations with this as one of the most positive guides many will be able to excel beyond even their wildest thoughts!!

  6. Great stuff “D” this is indeed powerful
    Keeps our minds and thoughts connected.


  7. I totally agree! Also, it takes years even decades for people to really understand who they really are. Most persons take longer because they are so busy being who they are not and who society wants them to be. The need to please others makes us forget what really pleases us. It’s sad but true. This post breaks down the very essence of individual existence.

    Thank you:)

  8. Eye opener brother, I ain’t stop thinking yet this blog probably one directed to ya boy. Not looking to offend but I hope this reach to as many of our black lost negatively programmed brothers. There has to be a chip implanted somewhere

  9. This is actually a great read my brother. Keep this up I’m looking forward to the next one.

  10. As I read the article ( Finding Your Identity ) I couldn’t stop thinking wow, this is well written but beyond that it’s a massive eye opener to life’s biggest question, why I’m I here and the follow up what’s my purpose in life? The reflection paragraph got me a little because I’ll do exactly as recommended/suggest by the author, It only makes good common sense to do so. Well I’m impressed by this information and the insights are masterful! Thank you Sir Green litedojo you made me think and reflect on this article , yes Sir. Please share more

  11. Very well written, many persons die without finding who they are and that is a huge tragedy …

    A man or womam who knows who they are is most often guided by purpose ans often their time is valuable….

  12. Identity is a powerful tool we use in everyday life …

    You cannot know the purpose of a thing unless you know its purpose and if you know it’s purpose is because tou it’s identity….

  13. A lot of persons coast throughout life not knowing who they really are and as a result they are often guided by those who know who they are….

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