How to Overcome Times of Crisis

So, before we begin, let me explain what a crisis is,

A crisis is a situation or event that drastically impacts your life, which you had no control over or caused. 
  • E.g. House burned down, Job layoffs, COVID-19 
Bottom line, a crisis is an unexpected and uncontrolled change. 

Now that you know what a crisis is, let’s discuss the effects of a crisis and what we can do to combat it.

The effects of a crisis normally consist of feelings such as fearfulness, depression, despair, frustration, loneliness, abandonment, hopelessness, a sense of death and a sense of survival. In extreme cases, the effects of a crisis can cause worry, anxiety, alcohol, and substance abuse, violence, suicide and thoughts of suicide.


So, how do we combat or manage the effects of a crisis, the answer is simple, we network.

When we network while going through a crisis, we open ourselves to a realm of benefits. Benefits such as; deeper connections, solutions to our crisis, ideas and healing. Networking with others during a crisis can diminish those feelings and destructive behaviors caused by the effects of a crisis, by providing you with a support team. I recommend networking with the following people to guide you through a crisis: a pastor, a guidance counselor, (non-toxic) family members, friends, acquittances and anyone who can provide good sound advice. 

Now going back to the title of this blog, ‘How to Overcome Times of Crisis’ here are 4 mental fundamentals keys for outlasting a crisis; 

  • See crisis as an opportunity {As a man thinketh, so it will be} 
  • Keep your mind strong {Refrain from alcohol and substance abuse, which can impair your judgment} {Stay away from negative individuals, worrywarts, pessimists, and gloom & doom spreaders). All can add and or intensify to your troubles. 
  • Know that nothing in life is permanent {This is based on the premise of King Solomon’s ‘to everything there is a season’. Written in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3} e.g. spring, summer, autumn and winter 
  • Have an adjustable plan (Although you may not be able to plan for every possible crisis, it is better to have a plan that you can modify than to have no plan at all.   

The overall Key to overcoming a crisis is organizing your mind and life to outlast the crisis. Here are 7 tips to help you do that: 

  1. Take inventory of what you have. 
  2. Get rid of non-essentials. (subscriptions and money bleeders) 
  3. Spend money on necessities only. 
  4. Manage what you have (Don’t waste resources) 
  5. Don’t worry, strategize  
  6. Network 
  7. Don’t give up on life (suicide) 

So, how to overcome times of crisis? 

By simply understanding that a crisis is not permanent. So, don’t panic, don’t freak out and don’t lose hope. A time of crisis can be like winter, harsh and tough to deal with, but just remember, winter has a time and summer is coming. Now before summer comes, you have to survive winter.  So, just like how you need a jacket, a source of heat and shelter to help you survive the winter, you need the right people around you, the right mindset and the right guidelines to help you outlast your time of crisis. 

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